offers Features Articles, Recipes, Perfect Pairings and more. They even have a handy downloadable Beer and Food pairing chart, courtesy of the Brewers Association. I have mine printed out! (Select Pairing Tips link then select Pairing Chart)  Beer Appetit!

CraftBeer - Beer & Food provides a Beer and Food Pairing Guide with a Beer and Food Forum, Beer and Food Recipes, Beer and Cheese Pairings, Beer and Grilling Tips and a 'get pairings' filter function that lets you search by Cuisine, Cheese, etc. Talk about gastronomical!

Beer Advocate - Food Pairings focuses on Midwest Beer and Food pairings. Your favorite local distributor,Big Top Beverage Market,carries many of these fine beers from the Midwest. You can filter by beer style or search by food type. Wondering what goes best with a Deep Fried Cheese Curd? Try a Dark Horse Brewing Company, Amber Ale.

Beer Dorks - Food Pairings Just some good common sense advice about what foods go well with certain styles of beer. Good basic overview. Here is your cheat sheet.

The Kitchen - Pairings Summary You can never go wrong with one of the definitive sources about anything and everything. Plenty of good drinks, I mean links on this page. Where else can you find information like " imagine beer's cleansing role as similar to serving a refreshing sorbet between courses." Pumpkin Pie paired with a Double Chocolate Stout. Oh My! Happy Thanksgiving! - Food Pairings The significant other made me include this one. Only kidding! Includes recipes, tips for cooking with beer and Beer 101, which is a review of Beer and Food pairings. Isn't a beer in one hand and food in the other hand a classic pairing?

All - Beer 101