Joe Sixpack reports on beer drinking and beyond. Joe Sixpack has a column every Friday n the Philadelphia Daily News. Check out the Bar Stool, Joe's blog, the Beer Fridge a review of select beers or Sixpack Sez containing Joe's current and archived beer columns.

Joe Sixpack

Beeradvocate The Beer Advocate site contains a keg of information. Probably best known and most often referenced for its beer ratings. Take full advantage of all this site has to offer by signing up for a free membership.

Beer Advocate

Rate Beer rate them or read about them. More beer lists and ratings by than you can imagine. Along with Beer Advocate this is one of the most referenced sites when a brewery representative is touting their brew.

Rate Beer

Two Guys on Beer not much reading here, all videos. Really cool site, especially if they have a review of the beer you are interested in. And if they don't you can learn something anyway. The video reviews offer great background into beer types, styles and brewing process. Interesting and entertaining.

Two Guys on Beer

Philly Beerscene hmmm, you guessed it your source of local Philadelphia beer information. The online magazine format offers a wide variety of information.

Philly Beerscene

Beer Tutor is another source for anything and everything you need to know about beer. The best analogy we can provide is, it is like walking into Big Top Beverage and marveling at the quality and variety of beers. Now that's saying something!

Beer Tutor

Inside Beer by Jeff Evans. Jeff not only drinks beer, he writes and talks about it, too. He's been doing this for more than 20 years and he still loves it. Jeff is one of the most knowledgeable and respected beer reviewers in the industry.

Inside Beer

Tastingbeers brings together the best beers of the world. This site offers a global perspective of beers and beer awards.

Tasting Beers